Furano anime

Furano in the anime.

Furano(フラノ) is one of Kaoru`s inukami. She is first seen brief in chapter 6 of the manga and appears again in chapter 22. She seems to have the ability to see the future but this is limited and at times random she is the least shy and bashful of Kaoru`s pack and has a very carefree personality, as shown in chapter 22 when she tried to tell Keita his future of him wearing a maid costume and wearing cat ears however he said that that was a bad reading so she decided to show him her breasts in order to impress him and saying that X-rated matters is her specialty. But before she could go any further Gokyoya stopped her, she seems to be closest to Gokyoya and Tensou as thoese three are together most of the time.



  • In the manga additional details are revealed about Furano.
  • Height:159 cm
  • Bust:86 cm
  • Waist:60 cm
  • Hips:85 cm
  • Age:160