Hake anime

Hake in the opening of the anime.

Hake (はけ) is the Inukami of the head of the family. He gives out most of the missions to the rest of the Kawahira family and he also watches over Keita`s progress with training Yoko. Hake is calm and smart.

He made a contract with the head of the family on a non-contract day on her birthday fifty years before the start of the series. That head was Keita's grandmother.

He said he was bored with his eternal, uneventful life. Hake is also very powerful although not shown as he never actually fights however he claimed that the reason he is the head of the family`s only inukami is because he drove all of the other ones away as he felt the only one she ever needed was him, he also defeated a grim reaper a long time ago with her. Similar to how Keita and Yoko would face their`s. He is also the older brother of one of Kaoru`s inukami Sendan.



  • Hake is the only male inukami seen in the series.
  • In the manga additional details are revealed about Hake.
  • Height:178cm
  • Weight:68kg
  • Age:??