Igusa anime

Igusa in the anime.

Igusa (いぐさ) is one of Kaoru`s inukami. She is very shy among the pack especially around men and Keita due to him being a pervert. She also writes shonen manga and secretly writes shonen-ai manga. Despite her fear of being around males she is quite the fan of the genre and hides this from her fellow pack members. In chapter 25 of the manga Igusa tried to spy on Keita and Kaoru to write about them in her new shonen-ai book. With the help of Imari, Sayoka and Tensou she attempted to watch them in the indoor bath by hiding in the maneki neko statue nearby,however when she had the chance to finally see them she got too nervous and fainted. Later she, Imari, Sayoka and Tensou where punished for this by Sendan and were stuck with doing all the household chores. Feeling bad about this Kaoru told her that he was not upset about it after this both him and Keita let her write about them not knowing what type of book she was actually writing about in the end her attempt was a success. It is also hinted in chapter 12 that she may harbor small feelings for Keita despite her fear of him prior to meeting him.



  • In the manga additional details are revealed about Igusa.
  • Height:164 cm
  • Bust:78 cm
  • Waist:56 cm
  • Hip:80 cm
  • Age:124