Imari sayoka anime

Imari & Sayoka in the anime.

Iamari and Sayoka (いまり&さよか) are two of Kaoru`s inukami they both made a contract with him and are sisters. They both wear identical cloths all the time and like to finish each others sentences often both have identical hair styles a ponytail Imari`s on on the right side of her head and Sayoka`s is on the left. Imari and Sayoka rarely ever fight each other except for when they are racing to be #1 in Kaoru`s inukami pack,both of them are not fully trusted within Kaoru`s pack even then,they are both generally excepted they are described by other members of the pack to be sly and untrustworthy which is true. An example of this can be seen in chapter 25 when they got Igusa to spy on Kaoru and Keita to get some information for her next book as the twins thought it was boring and needed a little more however it was thanks to them that everyone involved got caught and in trouble. Their during the time to try to become #1 in the pack also don't want to be in the same rank as them as they do not want to be stuck with their chores or suffer other troublesome situations so it can be assumed that they have the most chores out of all of them.



  • In the manga additional details is revealed about Imari & Sayoka.
  • Height:154 cm
  • Bust:79 cm
  • Waist:57 cm
  • Hip:83 cm
  • Age:100?
  • They are both so identical that it seem`s both choose to wear the same underclothes too as seen when Yoko used Shukuchi on them. both have the same panties and shirts.
  • Both are one of the least shown inukami in the manga like Tensou however they do make a little more appearances than her.