Keita anime

Keita in the anime.

Kawahira Keita (川平啓太) is the main character of the series and cousin of Kawahira Kaoru. At first he was considered a failure by his family because of his attitude towards their duty to destroy evil and not taking it serious. And also for his inability to find an inukami to bond with. However Yoko becomes interested in him and becomes his inukami. Keita is very kind as noted by characters in the series and by Yoko herself. Nadeshiko even compares his kindness to that of Kaoru. Keita is also a pervert and he tries several times to date other girls but is stopped by Yoko every time. In the manga Keita smokes a lot as well as drinking and he is more serious compared to his anime counterpart. He also cares a lot for Yoko even though he does not always show it and he is very caring towards her. Keita also loves frogs. This started from when he met Hakusan Meikun-a giant talking frog, who he befriended a long time ago. He helped him get through his hardships as he constantly got bullied by three crows. He also found out Yoko`s secret of not being an inukami but a kitsune. Yoko tried to hide this from him thinking that he would not accept her anymore but he still accepted her and that he did not care what she was.


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Talismans(魔除け): Keita is skilled in using magical talismans. He creates them out of rubber and they form in the shape of frogs. They are powerful and can be used for ranged attacks. They were strong enough to hurt the Grim Reaper when they fought. They are also strong enough to allow Keita to destroy some evil spirits by himself.
  • Chinese Martial Arts: Keita is also very strong with martial arts he won against formerly wrestler in two mins.Also when he fought with shinigami where he was in ring he managed to get him a lot of damage,and almost win(last seconds lost but Youko saved him in her fox form).


  • In the manga some additional details are revealed about Keita.
    • Height:174cm
    • Weight:64kg
    • Age:17