Nadeshiko (なでしこ) is one of the ten Inukami who has made a contract with Kaoru Kawahira, the cousin of Keita Kawahira. Nadeshiko appears to be pacifistic in sharp contrast to the rest of her pack, unwilling to join in fights, but will stand up for her friends, even putting her life on the line if need be.


Nadeshiko is presented as a petite, loyal servant: she has bright pink hair, dark green eyes, relatively light skin, and a small, slim, blonde tail. Nadeshiko's attire is that of a maids, consisting of a gold ring given to her as a contract with her master, a small golden necklace with purple amethysts, a white apron, green long sleeve dress, and short dark boots.


Nadeshiko is shown to be very pacifistic, and unwilling to vanquish evil spirits despite her immense power she had given up on after losing herself in a frenzy of battle, nearly destroying a human village in process. She had refused to take up arms or a master, until meeting and making a contract with Kaoru, and becoming one of his ten Inukami. She is shown to be very kind and caring to the rest of her pack, despite being temporarily expelled because of her pacifism, Nadeshiko puts her life on the line to protect the others after they had been defeated by Yoko, saving their lives and regaining the packs appreciation.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


In the manga some additional details are revealed about Nadeshiko.

  • Height:?
  • Weight:?
  • Age:400+