Tayune anime

Tayune in the anime.

Tayune(たゆね) is one of Kaoru`s inukmai she is the most loud and prideful of his inukami. She is the most physical of the pack and has great strength she has a short staff that she uses in combat sometimes, Tayune is also the fastest to become angry especially when Keita acts perverted toward her she beats him up for that, however it has been hinted several times that she has some feelings for him this is first seen in chapter 10 when she first met him. For that she is often teased by her fellow pack members for her feelings, despite being powerful she is afraid of ghost stories and anything scary.



  • In the manga additional details are revealed about Tayune.
  • Height:164 cm
  • Bust:88 cm
  • Waist:60 cm
  • Hip:86 cm
  • Age:17