Tomohane anime

Tomohane in the anime.

Tomohane(ともはね) is one of Kaoru's inukami she is the youngest and weakest out of the pack. She has the ability to track otherworldly entities as said ability is first shown in chapter 8 of the manga when she tracked the mujina down in Keita`s house the mujina would later become her friend and pet after they capture it. Tomohane also seem`s to be a fan of Yoko as in chapter 6 of the manga she got really excited to see Yoko and asked if she remembered her with Yoko saying no causing Tomohane to get upset although she did not know that Yoko was just teasing her. She is also skilled at chemistry and cooking as she made chocolate cupcakes for Yoko to get revenge for when Yoko beat her pack members in battle, only to find out that she is not home instead Keita is there and ends up trying one of the cupcakes but later had the runs and had to go to the bathroom often from the laxatives that Tomohane mixed in them.



  • In the manga additional details are revealed about Tomohane.
  • Height:144 cm
  • Bust:???
  • Waist:???
  • Hip:???
  • Age:11